Pistachio, Almond & Pecan Super Snack Balls — thatnaturallife

My quest for new, tasty, energy boosting snacks continues and for this most recent cooking experiment, I decided to throw together some of my favourite nutrient rich snacks. The result? A nutty and naturally sweet fusion of pistachios, almonds, pecans and sesame seeds held together by a raisin puree. via Pistachio, Almond & Pecan Super Snack […]

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49 Healthy Ways to Lose 10 Pounds

Lose 10 Pounds! Everyone is looking for ways to take off a few extra pounds. We ran across the following Blog and couldn’t help but sharing. There are some great tips to help you get to your weight loss goal. Whether it is 10 pounds you want to lose or more. These tips from Skinny […]

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Mentally Strong – The Hurdle

Mentally Strong

Mentally Strong – You can do it! Being mentally strong is a big hurdle to overcome as you either start your weight loss journey or to continue a healthy lifestyle. The physical part is one of the easiest. I ran across this in a news feed and thought I would share it. There are 18 […]

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Cheat Days, Are they what they seem?

Huge Omelette from Beth's Cafe Seattle - Man vs Food Site

Cheat Days Are They Worth it? I hear a lot of people talk about “Cheat Days” when they are dieting and I wonder to myself, who are they cheating? The picture above is from a visit to the famed Beth’s Cafe featured on Man vs. Food. I went there on what some would call a […]

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Planked Salmon – Slap Ya Mama Style

Planked Salmon Plated

Planked Salmon – “Slap Ya Mama” Style!   Tired of the same fish cooked the same way? Why not spice things up a bit? Here is a recipe and directions to turn that dull salmon into something spectacular! Usually when eating healthy and exercising we tend to flinch when we hear the word plank. Don’t […]

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Eat This Not That!

Eat This Not That – The Awakening The hardest choices that we make are usually not at home. When we travel or are away from our home, it seems like that is when we can derail a program or a lifestyle change. Don’t get me wrong, you need to stray every once in a while […]

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