The Dreaded Countdown

The Dreaded Countdown – How do you combat it?

Tick Tock, Tick Tock!

So you get to the gym to get on one of those god awful contraptions that are supposed to make you skinny if you use them. Now what? You set all of the bells and whistles and get started. You look down after what seems like forever and it’s only been a few minutes. “What?!?!? How can I get through this??”. This has gone through many of minds. Luckily today most gyms have some sort of entertainment to keep the mind busy. This is very important….keep your mind BUSY! Don’t watch the timer as it will make it. As a matter of fact, drape your towel over it so you can’t peek!

The Dreaded Countdown

The Dreaded Countdown

The invention of the smart phone has made a big impact on the ability to keep the mind busy as well. Some of you undoubtably will be reading this as you work out. Some will be on Facebook, Twitter or whatever it is that you use. I have fallen into the groove of Netflix during my Cardio and Pandora when doing weights or strength. The thing that I really like about Netflix is that I have access to a ton of TV shows and I can basically do cardio for the entire episode and it feels like no time at all. I don’t watch Netflix at home. If I watch it or want to watch additional episodes it’s back on a cardio machine.

You hear your friends talk about watching a season over the weekend and you have to think, if I did that I would lose a freaking pound! Find a season you like and get after it! You’ll find those cardio days go by much faster And you never know, you may get so involved you double up!

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