Healthy Beef Kabobs

Beef Kabob’s Easy and Healthy

Simple Beef Kabob’s for a Cheap and Healthy Meal!

What better way to enjoy summer than grilling? Unfortunately the rain has driven me inside but the following simple Beef Kabob Recipe can be done indoors or out. This Beef Kabob recipe is very simple, healthy and best of all very budget friendly. Most major grocery stores offer these Kabob’s pre-made in the meat counter area. You can assemble them yourself if you are cooking enough of them, but with only 2 being cooked here, it was cheaper to buy the preassembled. I purchased the zucchini from a farm to table stand a few days ago. This entire Meal was Less than ten dollars. I used “Slap Ya Mama” Seasoning on both but the Zucchini was only this seasoning. Delicious!

Simple Beef Kabobs

Easy Delicious and Healthy

Beef Kabob Ingredients

What You Will Need


1. Beef Kabob’s – Premade from Grocery (These Were Purchased at Randall’s)
2. “Slap Ya Mama” Seasoning
3. Garlic Salt
4. Montreal Steak Seasoning
5. 1 Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Prep Time: 5 Min
Cook Time: 20 Min
Total Time: 25 Min


1. Cut the Ends Off of the Zucchini and Split them in Half.
2. Drizzle the Oil over the Zucchini and rub it all over till all have a thin coat.
3. Sprinkle the “Slap Ya Mama” Seasoning on until it is coated quite well.
4. Sprinkle the Garlic Salt, “Slap Ya Mama”, and Montreal Steak Seasoning over Kabobs.
It Is That Simple! Now you are ready to grill them!
Grill over Medium High Heat with the Zucchini spending a majority of the time face down. Rotate Kabob Every 5 Minutes.
These can be cooked indoors or out!

Zucchini Prep

Cut Ends and split Down the Center

Slap ya mama on Zucchini

Sprinkle Slap Ya Mama Liberally

Can be Grilled Inside or Out!

Can be Grilled Inside or Out!

Beef Kabob

Simple and Healthy

Simple Beef Kabobs

Easy Delicious and Healthy

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