6 ways to eat less and be full.

Eat Less and Be Full – 6 Tricks For Success

Tips to Eat Less and Be Full

Want to feel and be full but eat less to do it? We hope that these 6 tips can help you along your journey. As you switch routines, or change a lifestyle, you have to look at all options and maybe some of these can help you along. Cooking Light has and will always be a good resource as you work through the pitfalls and you realize successes. See the tips and the video below for more information.

Tips to Eat Less/Be Full

  1. Use a large decorative edged plate and keep your food in the middle. The larger plate will give your mind a sense of more food.
  2. Use a smaller plate – Switching from a 12″ to a 10″ Plate can help you eat 20% less calories.
  3. Use a Plate the same color as your table cloth or table. Studies show people put less food on their plates.
  4. Use a bigger Fork – Studies show that people that do eat 10% less.
  5. Make high calorie or hard to resist foods invisible. Put them up high or out of sight. If you cannot see it easily, you are less likely to splurge.
  6. Do not serve food family style. Dish out in the kitchen and add to their own plates and leave the leftovers in the kitchen.

Via Cooking Light

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