Which Wich Sandwiches

Skinny Your Sandwich and Your Waist

A New Sandwich Alternative

When you are out and about and on the go, it is always good to have a place in mind that you can get something healthy quickly and easily. Fast food is tough as the healthy choices that offer are limited. My old fallback has always been Subway Sandwiches, you can usually find one in minutes from wherever you are. After years of eating at Subway, the luster has worn off for me. I still love the product and what they offer, but I am just tired of it.


Today I was traveling and around lunch time I started looking for a place to eat. I saw a weird sign that said “Which Wich”. I wasn’t sure exactly what a Which Wich was but the logo looked like food so I headed to investigate. I am not sure any of you have been to one of these sandwich shops, but they are unique. The Yellow and black decor is really bright and fun and just exudes a fun atmosphere.


Skinny Sandwiches

Yellow and Black Decor Makes it Feel Fun

The entire sandwich preparation area is stainless and bright and shiny. With Yellow and black signs lighting the way.

Which Wich Sandwiches

Cool Graphics and Lighting

I went up to place my order and was surprised when the team member working said that I needed to fill out a bag. I was confused and looked where she was pointing. There were spinners with brown paper bags in them with meat choices on the outside of the holders.

Which Wich Ordering System

Spinners with the brown bags for ordering

You choose a bag out of the holder of your choice and it has every ingredient on the bag that is available for their sandwich. It also has options to get it hot or cold.

Which Wich Bag

Bag with options for order

The smartest option, and the one that prompted this article is the Skinny My Wich option. The sandwich maker actually scoops out the extra middle of the bread to reduce both carbs and calories. I think this is an awesome option that not only allows you to save on calorie count, but makes room for a lot more vegetables without the sandwich spilling out all of your ingredients. Which Wich has a lot of choices that are within any calorie budget.

I had the chicken cordon blue with no sauces and lots of extras. It was one of the best sandwiches I have had in a while. Chicken and ham on a skinny my wich sandwich.


Chicken Cordon Which Wich

One of the best I have had in a long time

So if you find yourself hungry and you see the yellow and black Which Wich sign, pull in and have yourself a skinny Sandwich. Your stomach and calorie count will be glad you did.

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